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Lindon Farms is a popular company and many sites around the internet have given reviews on their products, below is a list of some of those reviews.

Rating: 6.25/10
Summary: They had no issues with Lindon Farms' food and nutrition options. They conclude the company offers food in every category you'd need. It also packages a variety of meals to give you the best possible assortment of good food. The company could have ranked much higher if it also provided essential survival features.

4,320 Serving Package Review
Rating: 8.4/10
Summary: The Lindon Farms 4320 serving package is really just three of The Ready Project’s “1 Month for 1 Person” packages with a bundling price break. This product is well packaged, has a high calorie count, and tastes better than most “bucket products.”
Note: This product has been Discontinued

Lindon Farms Food Review by zachary0611


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