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Lindon Farms is a company that is located in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains in Lindon, Utah. They specialize in freeze-dried and dehydrated emergency food storage that can last up to 25 years. Lindon Farms is GMP and USDA-certified and undergo sthird-party food safety audits on a regular basis.

Lindon Farms offers a variety of emergency food storage products that include...

Monthly Food Storage Meals: Each month you will receive a Lindon Farms food kit delivered to your door. These kits contains a variety of options for everyone including freeze dried fruits, vegetables and meats.

Freeze Dried Fruits and Vegetables: Lindon Farms offers 6 different freeze dried vegetable options including a seed bucket. They also have 12 different types of freeze dried fruits as well as fruit mixes available.

Entrees & Meats: Lindon Farms has an Entrée Bucket which contains soups, stews, and pasta. They also have a Breakfast Buck with pudding, granola and oatmeal. Some of their meat products include Chicken, Turkey, Ground Beef, and Sausage.

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